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Gerald Pfeifer

Keep me away from the wisdom
which does not cry,
the philosophy
which does not laugh,
and the greatness
which does not bow before children.
[Khalil Gibran]

The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.
[Aurelius Augustinus]

In my day job, I am the Senior Director of Product Management and Operations at SUSE, responsible for the SUSE Linux Enterprise family of products (Server and Desktop, High Availability, Real Time, Point of Service,...), our OpenStack-based SUSE Cloud, and management products (SUSE Manager and SUSE Studio) with a nice three digit amount of revenue annually, leading a team of a dozen product managers spread across eight locations and timezones and working with an engineering staff of 300+.

Before that I worked in a similar role at Novell, where I came from the engineering side, serving as project lead for Enterprise Linux, coordinating dozens of teams in various engineering departments all over the world and working with product management/marketing as well as partners (hardware, software, and component vendors). In addition I was responsible for specific aspects of the SUSE Linux platform such as the Itanium version, RAS and scalability, created the Software Development Kit, and served as release manager for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server.

Most of 2003, I was on a research contract at C.I.E.S./University of Calabria, working on the DLV project. Before that, I spent several years in academia, mostly as assistant professor at the Database and Artificial Intelligence Group at Vienna University of Technology. Apart from research in databases and artificial intelligence (deductive databases, non-monotonic reasoning, knowledge representation & reasoning) and teaching, I supervised student projects and theses and managed the sysadmin team.

Outside of work I contribute to GCC, where I maintain the web presence and documentation, do the occasional hack and serve on the Steering Committee, FreeBSD, where I am a ports committer, and openSUSE, where I am a member. As time permits I also enjoy scuba diving as a certified rescue diver and seeing places.

My doctorate in technical sciences (Dr.techn.) is from Vienna University of Technology.

Further Projects and Affiliations

Past Projects and Affiliations

  • Member of the editorial board of Linux Technical Review, 2009-2011.
  • GCC Summit program committee member 2004-2010.
  • VIBE!AT, founding member, member of the board 1999-2006.
  • An Introduction to GCC, technical editor.
  • Newsservertest, where we assessed the quality of different Usenet servers.
  • In charge of the business computing and prepress environments at Druckerei Peter Pfeifer from 1987 and 1992, resp., to the late 1990s.
  • German translator for Refs, a reference database and bibliography software package.
  • Tutor for Systems Programming, Algorithms and Data Structures 1 and 2, Software Engineering 1 and 2, and Übersetzerbau (compiler construction) at TU Wien.

Scientific Conferences

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